5. December 2018 Daniel Kruse

Call for abstracts is open until January 2019
ICNF19_LogoVerticalThe fourth edition of the ICNF – International Conference on Natural Fibers – Smart Sustainable Solutions will be taking place from 1-3 July 2019 in Porto, Portugal, is accepting extended abstracts of two full pages until 31st January 2019.
The Conference, focused on the latest scientific and technical advances in natural fibers will bring together more than 300 participants from universities, research and technological centers and companies.
Program topics
Following up the success of ICNF2017 held in Braga, Portugal, focusing on the topic ‘Advanced Materials for a Greener World’, next year’s ICNF is devoted to the topic ‘Smart Sustainable Solutions’.
The conference topics include:
•    New processes for natural fiber agriculture extraction and processing;
•    Natural fiber reinforced biopolymers;
•    Innovative natural fibers & structures;
•    Functional natural fibers;
•    Natural fiber modification techniques;
•    Advanced fibrous structures based on natural fibers;
•    Nanodimensional natural fibers;
•    Natural fiber based polymeric composites;
•    Green composites;
•    Natural fiber based cementitious composites;
•    Applications of natural fibers in high end sectors;
•    Analytics, modeling and prediction of properties and behavior;
•    Biomimetics;
•    Product development based on natural fibers;
•    Markets for natural fibers;
•    Sustainability of natural fibers: life cycle assessment studies;
•    Textile processing of natural fibers;
•    Properties & characterization of natural fibers & structures.
Natural Fibrenamics Award 2019
After the success of last editions, the Natural Fibrenamics Award is again included in the ICNF2019
program to award the best innovative products in the field of natural fibers.
The innovative product applications will be shown during the Conference in a special showroom and evaluated by a selected jury in terms of innovation, design and functionality.
The contest intends to be a showcase of the latest innovations in the field of natural fibers, both for the scientific and industrial communities.
The online abstract submission is open until January 31, 2019 at the official ICNF2019 website: www.icnf2019.fibrenamics.com
Conference Chair:
Prof. Raul Fangueiro
University of Minho, School of Engineering
Guimarães – Portugal