14. May 2015 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of the EIHA,
Chris Poulos (cpoulos92@gmail.com), a college student from California is looking for  a hemp farm where he can work and learn more about the industrial hemp sector.
Please read his description below for more information.
Best regards
Johannes Zingsheim
Hello Dominik,
Colorado State University has a “Soil and Crop Production” major, which I am interested in persueing. Education is my goal, I want to learn as much about the hemp plant as I can.  A complete college education is my goal, agriculture related.  To begin with real, hands on experience farming hemp interests me, as I could learn as I help out.
Soil and seed seem to be a major focus at Colorado State University. I may go to school there beginning fall of this year to settle into something agriculture related and earn a degree.  Hempcrete for building, and ethanol fuel interest me the most production wise.
I want to help on a farm, I can work hard and my goal is to have my own farm with hemp to be used by trained professionals.
I’ve been in college now for 4 years ready to transfer to a greater university, but I would like to get involved with hemp, because upon my visit to Colorado State University they are afraid of the removal of findings for researching beyond the seeds, to prove the thc content low enough to be hemp. Until federal regulations loosen up for research, the school does not want to be as involved with the plant as I would like to be. Any thing else I can let you know about, let me know.
I am 22 and living in Southern California.
Thank you
– Chris