5. November 2015 Daniel Kruse

Dear Members of the EIHA,
The International Hemp Building Association, a partner of the E.I.H.A. will be participating in a very important event during the Climate Conference in Paris this December.
The IHBA will be attending the Climate Conference in Paris this December as part of Initiative Chanvre. This is a ‘last chance saloon’ type event unfortunately, so we in the Hemp community are making sure that as many people as possible are aware of how the production and use of Hemp products, whether they be as, Bio-composites, Food, Clothing or for Building, is an essential part of the change of lifestyle that is needed to reduce our impact on the planet. Please take the time to read this information and hopefully to decide to support the action.
WorldHempQuarter promo
Please contact us if you want advice on graphics for the poster.
A volunteer representative would be an alternative way to promote your company if you know anybody in France…
More info here: https://alternatiba.eu/en/
Kind Regards,
Steve Allin,
International Hemp Building Association Ltd.
Rusheens, Kenmare,
Co. Kerry, Ireland.
V93 R6W3