17. July 2012 Daniel Kruse

Dear all,
Fabrizio Giamberini (fabrizio@thelaht.com) would like to inform you about the development of industrial hemp in Uruguay. Please see below.
All the best
A) Anndrea Herman wrote an excellent article about the situation in Uruguay, link:
B) Fabrizio Giamberini wrote:
“ .. I personally have participated in the drafting of the Industrial Hemp Farming Bill. This bill is what the industrial hemp sector needs to develop this industry in Uruguay and this is the first time in South America that an Industrial Hemp Farming Bill was presented to the Parliament…”
“..So, now we are waiting the parliamentary process to become this proposal as a law. We are making lobby in order to change the legal frame work. All the political sectors are agree with the proposal and this is the first time in South America that happening this!!!..”
“..Besides I want to highlight that this proposal is completely different to the government proposal of legalize marihuana in Uruguay, as you may have heard in the news in the recent days..”
“.. you can follow us in facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Latin-America-Hemp-Trading-The-LAHT/103677540997 ”
I would like if you communicate this news to all the members of the EIHA in order to update the South America situation.
Fabrizio Giamberini