14. August 2015 Daniel Kruse

Dear members, the following is for your information.
Dear European Industrial Hemp Association,
We are looking for new international sources of hemp to test the concentration and varieties of cannabinoids. Our current providers’ products have been tested and discovered to have elevated levels of arsenic and heavy metals. Definitely not safe for humans!
Here is some introductory information on our company, ebbu. Ebbu is a research-driven, consumer packaged goods company focused on creating luxury branded cannabis products for medical and recreational use. Our firm is committed to cannabis and hemp research for the next two decades. This scientific approach is disruptive to the industry.
Ebbu is a manufacturer of marijuana infused products in Colorado. We purchase low to high grade cannabis and hemp trim, shake and whole plant from growers. Then test the quality of the input for cannabinoids and THC, deconstruct the plants into their essence and recombine these for specific medicinal usages.
If you have sources please consider introductions to ebbu.
Please contact me with any questions.
Kevin Andresen
(303) 725-1548