28. November 2016 Daniel Kruse

I’m Dillon, I was directed your way by an Australian company called EcoFibre in our discussions about developing some large scale hemp operations in the U.S. I was told you were who I should talk to about hemp plastics.
Essentially, I need to know exactly what I need to be able to turn industrial hemp into plastic containers that I can initially supply to packaging companies in the United States cannabis industry, a huge and wasteful market in which I am very closely intertwined and well networked. Furthermore, there are several applications for these plastics and fibers but the initial desire is to fill a large need for sustainability in an industry which is extremely receptive to the idea.
Can we open up some communications to help me determine the best ways to go about this and potentially collaborate?
Dillon Gross
Green Rush Networking
MMJ/Hemp Consulting
Brio Solar Energy
Groove Music & Arts Festival