24. April 2016 Daniel Kruse

Dear EIHA Members,
My name is Luca, and I am writing from Romania. I represent Nature`s Green Industry srl, and we are planning to start growing hemp, in the south-east region of the country. We are in the process of signing the contract for leasing the field, from a municipal council, not far from Bucharest. The plan is for next year, because the field is seeded with other crops, but we need to sign the contract and lease the field until early summer.
We are looking forward for the project and challenge, but we do not have experience in growing hemp. We can lease up to 800 ha. Everything is agreed, we just need to decide if we can manage the whole area by ourselves, or if we could associate with a partner. By ourselves, we are thinking we could start with 100 ha. So I wrote this mail in hope for a possible partnership or some counseling, regarding the process.
We have until early summer to decide and lease the land and also in this period of time to associate with a partner.
Also we do not know yet what we will be doing with the hemp, because we don`t have any contracts regarding distribution, so we are thinking how much could or should we start with. Where does one hemp grower best promote and sell the seeds/stems?
Kind regards,
Luca Dumitrescu