7. December 2015 Daniel Kruse

Dear EIHA member,
I am writing to the hemp association in relation to the production and proceesing of hemp and the viability of doing so in Ireland.
I feel this will provide Ireland and the rest of Europe the stepping stones to finally legalise cannabis to all people.  I am from County Donegal in Ireland and looking for some information on how to setup a processing facility  for hemp and any grants available.  I am in the process of applying for a grant from Teagasc, the national body for agriculture in Ireland.
I would like to know if I would encounter any problems when setting up such a  facility.
I am looking to produce hemp in the fields of Donegal for industrial use primarily, but I am also looking into the prospect of using the oils from the seeds to produce healthy foods and face creams and also researching the viability of producing biomass from the plant.
I am interested in setting up the same company as you have to show the people of Ireland future is green and in Hemp we can help the world become a place more resistant to using less carbon friendly methods.
I am currently trying to start up a hemp production facility here in Ireland and think my best bet would be to make Irish people aware of the advantages of Hemp and the benefits the plant could give to society.
Thanks in advance for reading and hope to converse with you soon on the subject.
Best Regards
Eamon McCauley