16. December 2015 Daniel Kruse

Dear Sirs,
Our company has instigated a collaborate approach to Sustainable Responsible Tourism and Economic Development Planning with the Regents of Sumba Island.
Our associations include extensive experience with triglycerides. For food, fuels and bio chemistry. We intend to establish the manufacturing of triglyceride products on the island using patented methodology and crude palm oil as our feedstock. However, our ambition is for Sumba to cultivate it’s own oil seed variety. We are well aware that the legal status of Hemp in Indonesia is prohibitive while we do have connectivity’s that could bring special licences. Our ambition with Sumba is to establish a complete agricultural to industry program for the island so that harvesting, processing and products manufacturing are cyclical.
Our projects are to follow the 17 SUSTAINABLE Development Goals of the UN. Rehabilitating and evolving the islands agricultural architecture is very important.
We require to produce 2000 mt of Hemp oil for food and fuel on the island. We are very keen to develop natural building materials, hemp cloth, cattle and general animal feeds. One of our senior members is a bio refinery specialist. Our moderate assessment is that Hemp industry can deliver an engine for sustainable responsible advance leading to comprehensive fossil product replacements.
Your proactive feedback will be most appreciated.
Best Regards
Dr Clive Richardson
Cc. Heni Handayani.