6. August 2013 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of the EIHA,
today I got the following request on hemp fibres from Sweden.
SYNKOP wishes to buy hemp fibres, hemp yarn or hemp fabrics for clothing production.
We are investigating the potential to start a textile industry based on hemp. The intention is to produce blouses, shirts, trousers, dresses etcetera, for both celebrations and daily wear.
The planned range does not contain heavier products such as work or protective wear.
We are searching for businesses who can deliver large quantities. Can you deliver to us, or do you know any businesses who can? We would like to get these questions answered:
1. Can you deliver hemp fibres suitable to spin fine thread from?
Which fibre lengths and thicknesses can you provide?
2. Can you deliver fine hemp thread? Which dimensions can you provide?
3. Can you deliver hemp fabrics? Which qualities and weaving techniques can you provide?
4. Price, delivery times and other conditions?
We are happy to receive any samples you have the opportunity to send us.
Kind regards
Lellah Johanna Thuresson
SYNKOP economical association
c/o Thuresson
Herrhagsv 43, 1 tr, 791 75 Falun, Sweden