31. May 2015 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of the EIHA,
Marius Bunea (abibunea@gmail.com) has problems with the state of Romania regarding the cultivation of hemp.
Please contact him directly, if you are able to help him.
Best regards
Johannes Zingsheim
i am interested in this product of hemp, and its huge impact that it can have on our planet.
i am a farmer off hemp for its product like oil, fibers and hempcrete. my production and my field are about 10000 sm and well irrigated from a lake.
i need your help in solving some off my problems with the state of Romania,
the state says that this plant is ilegal, but is legal to cultivate for oil and other products. can you help me with some distributors that are interested in this kind off plant ? and is there possible to have some certificate for this kind of cultivation to justify its production?
i hope your company can help me
please advise