28. May 2015 Daniel Kruse

Der member of the EIHA,
Syreeta Couteperoumal (syreetacouteperoumal@ymail.com) wants to start growing hemp in French Guiana.
She hopes to get in touch with someone who has experience of cultivating hemp in the tropics.
Please find her mail below for more details.
Kind regards,
Johannes Zingsheim
Hello, my name is Syreeta Couteperoumal and I live in French Guiana (a french overseas department in South America) kjand part of Europe. I am wanting to start my own business growing hemp and coconuts to make cosmetics, food products and animal bedding.
I was hoping you might be able to put me in contact with someone who has experience of growing hemp in the tropics so I can discuss with them what seeds to get and tips on cultivating in the tropics.
I am wanting to grow organically using permaculture techniques also, so if you had any contacts in those fields too, that would be helpful.
I am really looking forward to getting involved with the hemp growers community and I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks for your time.
Kind regards, Syreeta.