31. January 2017 Daniel Kruse

Dear European Industrial Hemp Association,
I am writing to ask about your potential contribution to the creation of a hemp eco-district.
My name is Kasia Lechka, I am an engineer and urban planner. I am a member of a Polish foundation called Krok po kroku (Eng. Little by little) helping disabled children (Down syndrome, epilepsy, other diseases). The foundation’s new ambition is to create an eco-district (6 to 20 Ha) that will be adapted to different types of disabilities while being fully integrated in its natural and urban environment. The district aims to be semi-self-sufficient in terms of flow and matter (energy, heating, agriculture, etc.), but also in terms of local services such as a store, a conference room, a bar, a co-working space, a community garden, the foundation’s headquarters, etc. Our basic construction material will be hemp: we are fully aware of the plants unique properties and multiple uses which we want to employ in every element of the district from walls to urban furniture and cars. Moreover, many of our patients use medical marihuana (MM) as their main treatment and we advocate for legalization of MM in Poland.
Our project is very courageous and novel. Our aim is to build a sustainable and inclusive city for all and then to multiply our model in Poland and Europe. We are looking for partners, ambassadors, sponsors, in other words we are looking for contributors to enrich, develop and make this project come true. Given this context, I am writing to ask if the European Industrial Hemp Association would be willing to contribute to our inclusive eco-district project.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any additional information. I am available for a call or Skype session, or a meeting in Paris or Geneva at your earliest convenience.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Katarzyna LECHKA
Ingénieur des Ponts et Chaussées
Tel : 07 82 91 18 28 | +48 661 659 940
Mail: katarzyna.lechka@gmail.com