23. August 2013 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of the EIHA,
Hana Gabrielová submitted me the following request – she is searching for input for a book. Please feel free to contact her directly: hanka@hempoint.cz
Dear hemp friends,
me and my colleague from our NGO Konopa Michal Ruman are writing the book about hemp use on demand from one czech publisher. He wants to bring on czech book market something where all public could get whole view on this wonderful plant.
The stucture of the book is build on – history – legislation – hemp use (medicine, building material, paper, plastic, clots) and we would be pleased present in the book reports about actual and interesting hemp projects running in the whole world.
The book should be presented on Cannafest fair this year, which means that till the end of October it needs to be printed. The distribution will by organized by company NEO Luxor – one of the biggest here.
I would like you to join this small book project with your relevant informations. So we are coming with some questions which might lead you but you don’t have to strictly follow them or answer all of them.
Thank you very much in advance for your time and your feedback on this mail.
If you have some questions please ask me.
Wish you good luck in your hemp work and looking forward your replies.
Best regards
When did it come to your mind to work with hemp?
What have led you to realise a hemp project?
What do you actually do with / from hemp? How do you use hemp?
How many people are involved in hemp project(s)?
Can you give any numbers or other datas that can show its relevance?
Do you grow hemp? What is a surface (ha)?
Where do you see the biggest potential of hemp?
Is a cannabis prohibition affecting somehow your “business”?
What would you wish to your activities and to hemp itself?
Please, follow the rule to fit into 3000 – 5000 characters and attache max. two (better bigger) pictures that fits well 😉
The companies don’t have to pay for this kind of “advertising” but if you would like to support the edition of this book would be great and your are welcome to do it.
For a municipality or NGO the space is for free (we’ll come to have some wine with you, ok? :))!

Hana Gabrielová
HEMPOINT, s.r.o.
New dimension of hemp
B. Smetany 16, Č. Budějovice
email: hanka@hempoint.cz
telefon: + 420 777 027 012
skype: jarmilkas2127
facebook: www.facebook.com/hempoint
web: www.hempoint.cz