6. May 2015 Daniel Kruse

Dear member of the EIHA,
Dilip Tambyrajah (dilip.tambyrajah@wxs.nl) wants to share his book about Natural Fiber Composites.
Please find his mail below.
Download: Natural Fiber Composites for designers book by Dilip Tambyrajah March 2015
Kind regards,
Johannes Zingsheim
I want to share with you a book that I wrote on Natural Fiber Composites (NFC).
It is with pleasure I offer, also on behalf of RVO.nl, FREE of charge the book (in PDF format):
Indulge and Explore Natural Fiber Composites – An invitation to product designers
It is an easy to read, non-technical book with many product examples and illustrations. It is not a technical manual on NFC.
However the book deals with the main aspects of NFC and also focuses on Biobased materials.
The key objective of the book is to equip the product designers with sufficient information so she or he can embark on the use of NFC in product design.
The FREE DOWNLOAD of the book is available at: www.nfcdesign.org
You may wish to consider putting the book on your website also
Pls. feel free to email this link to your friends who may be interested in NFC.
I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on my book! Doing my best to keep NFC alive – not easy as you know.
Enjoy reading.
T:079 316 9531
email: dilip.tambyrajah@wxs.nl