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The Quiet Blossom
A Story about the Modern Wild West, the American Dream, and Marijuana
A Non-fiction Book
To the EIHA,
My name is Michael Clark; I am the author of the recently published book The Quiet Blossom. It is a nonfiction book about the culture that formed around the medical marijuana industry of Northern California and Southern Oregon. I think the development of this culture is currently impacting greater American society and is deserving of acknowledgement.
The Quiet Blossom uses the first person account of one young man’s experiences over several years working in Northern California, to reflect on the cultural and social implications of the black market industry. It is part personal narrative, part ethnography. The story paints a picture of the nascent culture as it transitions during the years of the green rush.
I am sending the book to interest groups around the world because I believe these events are tied to the larger movement concerned with cannabis rights and research, and I believe it has some academic value as a documentation of an American subculture and certainly as a historical record of an inimitable moment in time, and a set of conditions that are disappearing even now.  If you find the topic interesting, I invite you to read the book, and please feel free to share it with others in your organization. It will help me promote and draw attention to my book, and hopefully inspire discussion about some lesser known impacts of marijuana on the world.
It was a joy to write this book, and to tell my stories, and my hope is that I captured a largely unknown and misrepresented movement. It would be an honor to share it with you!
I invite you to The Quiet Blossom (PDF)
Physical copies of the book are available on amazon.com-
If you have thoughts or questions, please feel free to contact me.
If you have a social media page, or a recommendation for another location to post a book announcement, please let me know!
You can follow me on facebook at The Quiet Blossom. https://www.facebook.com/thequietblossom/?modal=admin_todo_tour
All the best,
Michael A T Clark,
+  1 541 961 0891