18. May 2018 Daniel Kruse

Hi dears,
bellow I am forwarding you the last mailing from FAAAT .. organization which works on the descheduling of cannabis internationally and I believe that by they work the cannabis community getting hope for better future.
This year in June, for the first time ever, the World Health Organization will scientifically assess the evidence-based medical uses and harms of the Cannabis sativa L. plant and its related products and substances.
Following this assessment, WHO is likely to recommend the suitable scientifically-based scheduling that ought to be applied internationally.
FAAAT has been working on this topic since its creation, and the advocates and researchers of our team have been scrutinizing this topic for decades. In 2018, our role is to promote the highest level of objectivity and independence in the assessment process, and to ensure that WHO acknowledges decades of research that has never been reviewed.
We are in Geneva until mid-June to make sure the process goes well.
To help you understand the review process and its possible consequences, we have edited a series of documents that describe the general international scheduling system (Crimson Papers) but also element documents that follow closely the Cannabis assessment process (Crimson fact sheets). Everything is compiled on the constantly updated web platform:
Here is the link where you can donate immediately – http://faaat.net/donate/
Thank you for your support and interest in the work of FAAAT think & do tank.
Kind regards,
FAAAT do tank team.
For any doubt or further information please feel free to contact us at:
Please pay attention to their mission and help them to fill it. It’s your unique opportunity to become part of this historical moment.
Thanks for your help and sharing this mission with your colleagues or friends
Wish you all the best and believe that together we can do it!
p.s. I will be going to Geneva ECDD meeting of WHO in beginning of June with goal to report online on social media what will be happening there. Part of your donation will be use on records around this event and interviews with people working for it.
p.p.s. FAAAT documents available here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1uisr0g5thd7fnn/AAAEIwhebUqJ3Dd0P-iRNRUMa?dl=0
Happy reading!
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