13. February 2012 Daniel Kruse

Dear reader,
on Februyáry 12th we have sent the following email and PDF to the 25 most important contacts in Brussels and to the 10 most important in Germany. Please send this email (please use almost the same text and PDF, but of course your name) to your national ministries and specific contacts in Brussels.
Thank you very much.
Best Regards
Dominik Vogt (nova-Institut GmbH)
Dear Mr. / Dear Ms.
Please find attached the policy statement of The European Industrial Hemp Association ( EIHA) on the CAP reform and especially the transition period: EIHA is supporting the “Greening” in Brussels CAP reform: It is definitely a step in the right direction. However there are serious concerns about the transition period.
We very much hope you will have the time to read this document and we hope subsequently you can lend us your support.
If we may we would like to contact you again in the hope that we can arrange a brief meeting with you in Brussels. We would like to discuss our suggestions with you in a little more detail which we think will be of benefit to both parties.
We are pleased to have made contact with you,
Yours sincerely
file: 12-02-10_Document_for_The_Commission__The_Parliament_December_2012_on_CAP.pdf