21. June 2016 Daniel Kruse

Dear EIHA hemp fibre trading members,
Our association collects regular input for our price development of natural fibre Index and we are currently looking for more participants to take part in this activity. If you are a trader of hemp fibre and work with non-woven automotive press-molded parts, we would welcome your help on this task. Participation will consist in answering a bi-monthly questions on the price of natural fibres, as exemplified below. Helping us with data collection is a duty of every member as agreed upon in the last General Meeting (31st of May 2016), and assures the relevance of EIHA as an institution for reliable hemp data.
Template question: “What was the price for the standard flax/hemp fibre quality for nonwovens for automotive press-molded parts for the period of ____-____ (months) ___ (year) ? (given 100 t contract volume, net in central Europe) ”
All data collected will be used for the sole purpose of indexing percentage change on the price of natural fibres in Europe. We assure you that your information will not be disclosed to third parties.
May you wish to participate, please contact me at luis.sarmento@eiha.org . I will include your email on our Price Index mailing list and contact you periodically to ask for the information required.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards,