15. September 2015 Daniel Kruse

The International Hemp Building Association hosts events to educate and inspire those interested in the use of Hemp Building materials and systems. We have held events in Ireland where we saw demonstrations of various techniques of casting and plastering. In Spain we visited the Cannabric factory and in Switzerland we were shown several projects on renovation of both public and private buildings. Last year we visited the CATWISE centre in Wales where students studying engineering have undertaken a wide variety of research into Hemp building materials.
This year we will be visiting the Hanfsser factory to see Hemp building materials being processed and demonstrated in a range of techniques including spray application. As usual there will also be a wide diversity of presentations including those from Sweden, the UK, Netherlands, France, Poland and Nepal.
The IHBA will also be launching the Best Practice Guide, which will provide professionals with both detailing and material specification.
For booking details go to http://internationalhempbuilding.org/events