27. May 2019 Daniel Kruse

Dear Member of the EIHA,
We would like to inform you about the events which will take place on 4th of June:
Venue: Maternushaus, Kardinal Frings Straße 1-3, 50668 Köln (Cologne), Germany.
13:00-15:00 Networking lunch: Invited are representatives of hemp associations (European & international), Universities and research institutions, NGOs and those involved in the creation of industry standards, public sector representatives).
I. Workshops, Room: Adelheid
15:00-15:30: THC in Food; Bernhard Beitzke, Daniel Kruse
15:30-16:00: Hemp Extract – Status in Europe; Bernhard Beitzke, Daniel Kruse & Boris Banas
16:00-17:30: EIHA CBD Novel Food Application Concept; Bernhard Beitzke, Daniel Kruse & Boris Banas
Please note that the ONLY Regular Members that have paid their membership fees can participate the Workshop.
II. General Meeting:
Deadline for registration: 27 May 2019
18:30-21:00 General Meeting (Room: Adelheid): All paying members of the EIHA are invited to join.
Registration is obligatory: https://eiha.org/general-meeting/registration
Agenda of the General Meeting:
1. Assessment of the Votes & keeper of the minutes
2. Overview on the development of cultivation areas and EIHA members
3a. EIHA activities in 2019 (Mark Reinders / Lorenza Romanese / Daniel Kruse / Luis Sarmento / Catherine Wilson)
Implementation of the new voting mechanism (Q&A)
Update on hemp extracts status in Europe
Decision & Voting on EIHA CBD Novel Food Application Concept
CosIng Issue
CAP reform and Fibres. EP Vote (02/04/2019) and next steps.
Hemp and Environment
EIHA Communication strategy
3b. Trade fairs and conferences in 2019
16th Int. Conference of the EIHA, Cologne (DE), June 2019
MAP EXPO Cooperation, Eindhoven (NL), October 2018 (Lorenza and Mark)
4. Financial Balance of the EIHA
5. Exoneration of the Board of Directors
6. Planned future activities (to be discussed)
Please note that ONLY Regular Members and Associate members that have paid their membership fees can vote during the General Meeting.
Companies can only apply for Regular Members and private persons & NPOs are invited to apply as Associate Member: https://eiha.org/membership-application/
You are welcome to submit further topics of the General Meeting to info@eiha.org
Download of the agenda (PDF): https://eiha.org/media/2019/05/19-05-03-Agenda-26-GM-EIHA-1.pdf
III. Get-together
21:15     Get-together party (on a self-payer basis) at http://craftbeercorner.de, Craftbeer Corner Coeln, Martinstr. 32, 50667 Köln
Download of the agend of 4th June:
19-05-28 EIHA Agenda 4 June