16. August 2018 Daniel Kruse

Dear all,
I’d like to invite you as an exhibitor to the conference “Revolution in Food and Biomass Production (REFAB)” (1-2 October 2018, Cologne), to present your company’s products and services. The price of a booth (6qm) is 750 EUR and it includes one full entrance ticket to the conference (for a person to man the booth).
We think your products, technologies, and services suit very well into various topics of the conference and that it’s the perfect event for exhibiting your services. We would be happy to have You as exhibitor of REFAB conference.
Dr. Bronner’s is already convinced of the conference and supports it as Bronze Sponsor!
BAFA and Hempro are exhibitors nominated to the Future Protein Award.
Background of the conference: http://refab.info/background
Programme: http://refab.info/programme
Participants list: Already 120 participants registered http://refab.info/participant-list
Exhibitors: http://refab.info/exhibition/exhibitors
Exhibition booking: http://refab.info/exhibition-booking
Future Protein Award: http://refab.info/future-protein-award
I am looking forward to your conference participation!