2. May 2016 Daniel Kruse

19th General Meeting of the EIHA

31 May 2016, start time: 7 pm;
Venue: Rheinforum, Kölnerstr. 42, Wesseling, Germany

1. Assessment of the Votes
2. Status report on EIHA and Hemp
•    Trend reports from Europe and the member state
•    Updated hemp cultivation area 2015
•    Update of fibre price data
3a. EIHA activities in 2015/2016
•    Status of policy in Brussels (Michael Carus, John Hobson, Sylvestre Bertucelli)
•    EIHA in the “Bio-based Expert Group”, SCAR, DG Enterprise – high level committee to steer the Bio-based Economy, and Drink Europe (Michael Carus, Sylvestre Bertucelli, Daniel Kruse)
•    THC limits for food, meeting with DG Health (European Commission)
•    Results of the Hemp Market Survey (Michael Carus, Luis Sarmento)
•    ISCC PLUS: “Sustainability certification for Hemp Fibres and other raw materials”. Certification of Hanf Farm (DE) and HempFlax (NL) supported by EIHA: Current status report (Mark Reinders and Rafael Dulon)
•    LCA of hemp fibre insulation material – status MultiHemp project (Martha Barth)
•    E-Mail interest groups for regular members (Michael Carus)
3b. Trade fairs and conferences in 2016
•    Booth at the 9th International Conference on Bio-based Materials, April 2016
•    13th Int. Conference of the EIHA 2016
•    Booth at the Composites Europe 2016 (Düsseldorf, Germany)
4. Financial report of the EIHA (Michael Carus)
5. Exoneration of the Board of Directors
UPDTAE (4 May) 5a.  Election of a new board member and of a new president
6. Running and new activities (to discuss)
•    Update of the EIHA statute on new regular members
•    Update EIHA leaflet and Hemp poster
•    Discussions on focus in 2016/17:
o    THC limits for food – what to do, next steps
o    CBD regulations – pharmaceutical, food supplement, novel food – what to do, next steps
o    Further research on THC guidance values

16-06-13 Minutes EIHA 19GM