29. February 2016 Daniel Kruse

Dear EIHA members,
please take part in the survey from the European Commission and please highlight the question concerning Hemp and Ecological Focus Area at section 6:
In Section VI.Simplification
Do you think any other EFA type should be added to the current EU list of EFA types?
Crops without chemical uses, like hemp, have to be upgraded from the annex IX list of 1307 – 2013 to the principal list of art 46 of this regulation. Those crops decrease directly the level of chemical products used, and increase the quality of biodiversity and of water.
Section VII. Other issues
Even if there is a theoretical possibility to implant crops without chemical (like hemp) on EFA through annex IX of regulation 1307 / 2013 no country has decided to do it because it is too complicated.
The deadline is 8th of March
Best regards