18. October 2003 Daniel Kruse

Press release, 18. October 2000
Foundation of the “European Industrial Hemp Association”
On 14th September 2000, the “European Industrial Hemp Association” (EIHA) was founded in Wolfsburg, on occasion of the BIORESOURCE HEMP 2000. Present original members were:
* Hemcore Ltd. (UK), represented by John Hobson
* HempFlax (NL), represented by Ben Dronkers, Alan Dronkers and Jakob Veld
* La Chanvrière de L’Aube (F), represented by Bernard Boyeux (and Francois Desanlis)
* Badische Naturfaseraufbereitung GmbH (D), represented by Bernd Frank
* AGRO-Dienst GmbH (D), represented by Cord Grashorn
Coordinator of this meeting was:
* Michael Karus, nova-Institute (D)
Meanwhile, further companies have joined:
* Chantex (F), Alain Thomas and Marie-Christine Ortmann
* Hanf-Faser-Fabrik Uckermark GmbH (D), Rainer Nowottny
* VERNARO GmbH (D), Fred Bohndick
The “European Industrial Hemp Association” regards itself as an informal conjunction of hemp primary processing companies within the EU. As soon as two weeks after its foundation, almost all hemp primary processing companies have joined the association.
Aims of the EIHA are:
* to establish a regular exchange of information between the member companies
* to encourage the exchange of information between the national ministries
* to promote EIHA as a contact partner for EU institutions and national ministries
* to formulate a statement on the “end-of-life vehicle directive” and to subsequently practice national and EU – lobbying.
* Construction of the internet site “www.EIHA.org” featuring the foundation press release and a list of the member companies including links to the respective homepages
Michael Karus from nova-Institute keeps his status as coordinator of the EIHA until further notice. Contact: michael.karus@nova-institut.de.