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EIHA offers different membership options:

  • Regular Members: for companies registered in Europe
  • Regular Members Non-EU: for companies that are registered outside Europe
  • National Industrial Hemp Associations / Research Institutes
  • Membership Plus: for industry professionals dealing with hemp (lawyers, consultants and service providers)
  • Associate Members: for individuals and farmers

Regular members:

Regular members (RM) benefit from a unique access to all EIHA documents, reports and legal opinions from our lawyers, the participation in workshops and networking opportunities. Regular members are invited exchange and discuss the latest developments in workshops free of charge prior to the annual conference ( and are part of special email groups on topics such as CBD, THC and fibres. Each regular member has 10 votes or more (depending on their turnover) at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

National Federations of Hemp Farmers and Hemp Associations can join EIHA and have full access to EIHA database. Each association has 10 votes.

Membership Plus is aimed at professional service providers in the hemp industry (i.e. lawyers, market intelligence and research companies, tax advisors etc).

Associate Members
Any individual or farmer can become an Associate Member (AM). AMs have 1 vote at the AGM. Benefits include the participation at the AGM, the right to speak, to vote and to make proposals. Moreover, AM, as well as all the other members, receive the EIHA’s newsletter and communications and lobbying alerts.

TypePrice €Vote(s)BenefitsOther
Regular Member
European companies
Based on the turnover 10 + additional votes• Full access to database
• Managing Director ad hoc questions
• Working Groups
• Regular Newsletter
• Workshop prior to the conference
• Novel Food Consortium *Please note that being part of the NF Consortium is mandatory if you are working with CBD. A special contribution fee will have to be paid. Please check the section "Novel Food Consortium" to know more.
• Elect Board Members
Discount for annual conference exhibition booth
Regular Member
Non-EU/European companies
Based on the turnover 10 + additional votes
Possible exemptions § 4,(3)
• Full benefits
• No Board Member election
Discount for annual conference exhibition booth
National Industrial Hemp Associations / Research Institutes• Continental Europe 450 EUR
• Non-continental Europe 900 EUR
10• Full benefits, see above
• No Novel Food consortium
• Regular Newsletter
• No Board Member election
Discount for annual conference exhibition booth
Membership plus (lawyers, tax consultants, service providers)1.250 €1• Limited access
• Regular Newsletter
• No Board Member election
Farmers and individual people150 €1• Limited access
• Regular Newsletter

*Calculation of EIHA membership fees

The EIHA membership fees refer to the “hemp turnover level” (see definition below). When calculating the membership fees, in general (see statutes) the annual turnover of the member according to the last annual financial statement before the respective meeting is decisive.

Please provide the “hemp turnover level” by uploading your latest (published) annual financial statement accordingly.

The following guidelines serve as an orientation for the corresponding assessment of the hemp turnover level, especially regarding a “hemp-relevant product”:

“Hemp turnover level” is defined as

  • all turnover generated by cultivation, processing, or trade of industrial hemp/Cannabis sativa L. plants, and its derived products (“hemp-relevant product”)

“Hemp relevant products” are products

  • that are produced from hemp or are marketed as “hemp product” or “hemp-containing” product due to their mixture with hemp or due to the admixture of hemp,
  • a product in which a minimal amount of hemp is added, and which is not advertised or listed as an ingredient (either for regulatory or marketing reasons) as an ingredient or condiment or component is not to be included in this turnover calculation

Normally, however, producers, manufacturers and traders use the ingredient hemp because of its qualities and properties, i. a. for marketing or nutritional reasons. Thus, hemp has a corresponding significance for the product. We would like to have members who fulfil their responsibility towards this raw material and support it with regard to the legal situation, its marketing and the corresponding lobbying.

Basically, we would like all companies in the hemp industry to become members of the EIHA, regardless of whether they belong to a holding company or not. Should it be desired for internal reasons of the holding or company´s group that only the holding company becomes a member of the EIHA, the hemp turnover level of all subsidiaries should be taken into account.

Companies that do not yet generate turnover with hemp (or CBD-related products), but only intend to do so in the future, will be taken into account with an estimated turnover, which will be agreed upon by the Board and the applicant in each individual case.

In the following table you can see the membership fees in relation to the annual turnover:

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