EIHA – The Voice of the European Hemp Industry

The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) is the only pan-European membership organization in the industrial hemp sector.
We equally represent the interest of hemp producing and processing companies.
EIHA was originally formed almost 19 years ago and officially founded in 2005, with offices in both Brussels and Cologne.
Our membership encompasses 25 EU states and 12 additional countries including members in North America and APAC comprising a total membership of 200+, primarily farmers, processors and manufacturers; representing the entire chain from seed to shelf.
Our primary objective is to monitor EU hemp related policies and to provide the EU decision makers with accurate and reliable information across different spheres of competencies. EIHA is currently monitoring the following policies: CAP reform, Hemp extracts/Novel Food regulation, THC limits in feed and food, Life Cycle Assessment of hemp materials, CO2 impacts, environmental concerns and cosmetics.