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Supporter Comment
Bertok, martin (Slovenija)

We are experimenting with eco produced CBD preparatums for a few years now in the field of psychosomatics, as pyychotherpyst interested in general public health. It is within our principles, that any person has the wrihgt to tace care od its own health, before using institutional help. Wishing you good luck in your purposes

Institute director


Martin Bertok

Bisterfeld von Meer, Galathea (Germany)
Claremont-Collection GmbH

Industrial hemp is a healthy food not only because of its cannabinoids but becaue of its protein, vitamin, fatty acid and mineral content. With increasing world population we need this source of plant protein. The pharmaceutical industry should never be allowed to regulate or even own healthfood, just because it contains ingredients they want to keep for the industry. We can press the juice from the green hemp and get to drink all the health. No chemical alteration is necessary!

Shatto, Richard (Canada)
EastWest Science

I find it unconscionable to believe that any government that cares for its’ society as a whole, would regulate such a valuable natural substance as CBD. CBD has health benefits for virtually all mammals and pharma-only regulation would limit its’ use for the benefit of a few large companies. Large pharmaceuticals companies should use CBD to develop specialty drugs, and regulate CBD reasonably and liberally so it can serve and benefit a far broader constituency.

Regarding health, we already know CBD is relatively safe, thus high regulation because of health concerns is unfair and unwarranted and favours only a few companies; such regulation would merely be pandering to pharmaceutical companies’ special interests.

Regarding tax revenue, Governments will receive far less revenue from high regulation than they will from long term revenues from taxes that come from a future of consumers buying more properly regulated CBD products. And, the corollary of that is under high regulation, people will be less healthy because they have been denied the use of a healthy product, and healthcare costs will increase accordingly.

It is better for everyone, including large pharmaceuticals, to regulate CBD fairly and reasonably.

Richard Shatto
Abbotsford, BC Canada

Kompier, Steven (The Netherlands)
Global Eye

Hope for a better world

Bortis, Michel (Switzerlandl)


fletzer, enrico (Italy)

Cbd should be freely available.Similary to other natural products.

Jörg, Hornemann (deutschland niedersachesn)


hiermit wollte ich mich für den gebrauch von cbd einsetzen und dem papier eiha-cbd meine stimme geben. da mir die standpunkte sehr schlüssig erscheinen.

de Castro, Celia (Germany)

I support it because it’s an very good,old Plant and can used for many reasons, medical, health-benefit, clothes, materials and a lot more.
It’s cheap + least but not last it’s a usefull plant!
legalize it! Please!

Faupel, Florian (Becherbach)


Ziebell, Reginaldo (Deutschland)


Murre, Florian (Germany)

CBD is the best thing, that helped me with my asthma. I took inhaled 3 doses medicine a day plus 1 pill and it didn’t make anything better. CBD once a day or every 2-3 days is helping very much more!

Hägele, Gérald (Germany)

let´s liberate CBD

Kleiner, Florian (Germany)

I have Problems with my bladder and the only Thing that gives me relief is CBD. So it is a very important and precious substance for me that should get more recognition and regulation.

Maximowitz, Peter (Germany)

CBD sollte weiterhin frei verfügbar bleiben!

Gietl, Dominik (Germany)

I don’t think that this topic needs further explanation. Change the law!

Roessner, Moritz (Germany)

Cannabidiol is total inoxious and should be regulate like Chamomile.

Rivera, Petra (Germany)

very sick people need CBD to get off the pain through the whole day and night

Beypinar-Ehlerding, Hüseyin (Germany)
medicine is a human right
Schmitt, Felix (Deutschland)

CBD sollte für jeden Menschen dem es helfen kann frei zugäglich sein, es ist ein Naturprodukt.

Frisch, Helmut (Germany)

Es ist längst überfällig der normale Umgang mit Cannabis.

Spaeth, Michael (Germany)
Praxis fuer Ergotherapie

There is no other way than legalization an decrimination of Cannabis.

  1. Cannabisuse proportional to the number of users is definitely less harmful than the use of alcohol. So why one drug is forbidden and the other drug not? Legalization does not mean without rules (minimumage, selling places, maximum amount etc.) as we have rules for the use of tobacco and alcohol etc.
  2. If legalized, we have control about quality. No harmful co-substances mixed with cannabis, as it happens on the black market. We also have control about the amount of the active ingredients as THC, CBD, CBN. o everybody would know what he/she is buying.
  3. Money from the Cannabisbussiness, producing and trading is generated legally,  and it produces taxes. so…
  4. …no more money anymore through cannabis into the pockets of mafia, al quaida, IS, Weapons for Terror etc.
  5. No more more broken (young) lives through punishment for cannabisuse. No discrimination of cannabisuse anymore!

Is there any reason to make a different decision???

Helene, Mayer (Gernany)


MOYEN, Christophe (France)

CBD for all !

Rehahn, Dirk (Germany)
PRW phyto UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Please do act upon these very reasonable suggestions.

AUXINE Jardinerie Alternative

CBD is a natural produce of a natural plant. It definitly can’t be regulated. Exactly as vitamin C in orange fruit or salicylic acid in willows.

Roman, Daniel (Germouney)

Money Money Money the world is so sick.

Fight for freedom and love.

grobmeier, franz (germany)

i am a member of iacm

Jakele, Matthias (Germany)
  • 420
Ebert, Tobias (Germany)

CBD should be easily accessible for everybody!!!

Vincenty, Henry (Denmark)
Endoca Aps.

Scientist at Endoca have developed highest quality CBD products inclusive 98% CBD Crystals, CBN, CBG which are free from THC. These and other hemp products are coming back to people as they have been used for thousands of years  and modern society have right and freedom  to decide how to live, how to think and what to eat.

Endoca unlocking the secrets of nature!


Henry Vincenty



Jaakkola, Juuso (Finland)


Smeds, Teddy (Finland)

It’s sick beyond measure that the same interest groups that have up til now lied to everyone about the whole medicinal hemp/cannabis issue, now want priority rights to providing it!! They should all get handed a couple of space cookies to munch on and rethink their priorities in life.. the sooner the better.


Lehto, Timo (Finland)
PhD (immunology)

To whom it may concern

For different doses and applications of CBD, EIHA proposes a three-tier regulation: At high doses, CBD can be a medicinal product and should be regulated as such. At physiological doses CBD should be regarded as an OTC-product (= over the counter) or a food supplement. This approach is already applied for many substances, such as valerian, glucosamine, chondroitin(sulfate), Ginkgo Biloba, some vitamins and iron products. Low CBD concentrations and doses should be allowed in food products without any restrictions.

gallagher, garry (Canada)
health care provider

CBD is a non-psychoactive plant extract with no know contraindications. The only reason to restrict it is to boost pharmaceutic industry profits.

Meincke, Santino (Germany)

Legalize it!

parrhysius, uwe (berlin/germany)

use cbd over five years,help by muscle pains ,high pressure blood,

streß , broken back bones.

helped my wife by depression and hashimoto ,burn out.

helped a friend with parkinson from crazy life to a normal life,

helped girl friends with panic attacs,

helped friends with alcohol probelems,

as cbd drops and cbd liquid,

mfg uwe


Parviainen, Toni (Finland)

CBD helps!

Tuominen, Tommi (Finland)

I am sick and tired of Big Pharma and all of those rich people who want to take away my every chance, rights and possibilities to take care of myself. I have Crohn’s disease which is difficult one and so called normal medication is not helping me at all. And there are thousands of other people who are sicker than me. People with cancers, epilepsy etc. Money and greed can’t ALWAYS win. First of all it’s inhuman and also very, very stupid.

Andrijasevic, Mario (Finland)

CBD products should be allowed in Europe without any restrictions. No question about it.

Vainio, Jari (Finland)


Sun, Qi (China)

This should be known by people, and should be used to save lives and ease pains.

Harrap, Patrick (Canada)
Canfiber Inc

Please support harmonizing CBD products

Savilahti Häggboq, Mikael (Sweden)

Let the plant free!

S, Micke (Swe)

Stop with the bullshit. Free the people, free the earth.

Free all cannabis

Rothenbücher, Andreas (Germany)

Legalize all Hemp in the World!

Dluzewski, Jan (Sweden)
Leg. Kiropraktor


Thornell, Jai (Sweden)
Love it

let cbd-oil be legal!

Anderson, Eva (Sweden)

Don´t touch CBD!

Pavonič, Martin (Slovakia)

my hope .

Akhtaran, Sahand (Sweden)

CBD & hemp is medicine!

Linden, Niclas (Sweden)

CBD comes from a plant and it is ridiculous to even consider it not to be completely free for every person to use as much as they want, whenever they want, and for as long as they want. A plant should never ever be illegal in any way, shape or form. How much more simple can it be?

Lande, Mona (Sweden)

I´m born with a cerebral misscare.The doctors found it in my brain 1987 when i had my first stroke,brain bleading.The size of it then was 10 centemeters in diameter,and they also found 2 aneueyzm.Have had headache all my life.My AVM are not operable,i would be paralized on my whole left side.In 1990 i and 3 other patients,with same problems like me,was lucky to go to California USA for treatment.I got proton radiatiation on my AVM,wich would  take away my AVM in 3 years.I had a surgury on my 2 aneuryzm on Stanfords Hospital.After the surgury,i was told that: if i had stayed home in Sweden for one moore week,or had a big sneeze i would have died.After 3 years a check up they done on my AVM but nothing have happend to it,it was still so big.After that i had 3 years of emboliserings tratment on my AVM,they got it down to 5 cm,then they couldent do any moore.I have done one moore try with radiation on the AVM with no sucess.In the last 3 years i have had 3 moore aneuryzms and one moore massive brain bleading and a cancer surgury and a lot of strong pain.Depression,panik attacs and angxaity.Started with my cbd oil in january 2016 and that was the best i have done for my body! I´m waiting for my next angiogram on my AVM to see if anything have happend with it,10 months of useing cbd oil.I kross my fingers and praying that the cbd have helpt to get it down or minimilized it moore.I´m not taking any pain killers or anti depressive meds any moore.I use cbd oil.

Statham, Paul (Sweden)

CBD absolutely must not be left in the hands of corrupt politicians and greedy pharmaceutical companies to control, it’s a natural component of something that grows in the earth and is already helping millions of people.

Gundersen, Jon ivar (Norway)
Bjugn legekontor


Vizgaitiene, Antanina (Ireland)
Northeast Heritage Limited

I agree with your position.

Lindblad, Cheryl (Sweden)

I demand that we have access to CBD products as long as they are in low and legal dosages.

Lourand, Kertmegi (Romania)
Canah International

Keep CDB as suppliment .

Mate, Natalia (Romania)
Canah International Srl

Keep CBD in food, cosmetics and herbal products!

Mizzi, Giuditta (Netherlands)

SUPPORT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Witzleben, Adrian (Germany)

CBD is natural safe medicine

thomas, uwe (germany)
e3p consulting

for a better world.

verdes, bogdan (Romania)

Hemp is a wonderful plant with many applications.

Keep the good work!

Sarcander, Gerhard (Germany)

i think CBD is for Freemarket

Syamsudin, Hariyanto (Indonesia)

Will 100% supporter

Hilberdink, Jan Jacob (Netherlands)

Totally agree with this initiative. Make it a legal industry helps many patients with chronic diseases and, by the way, it will prevent a lot of crime too.

Widya, Vika (Indonesia)

I support :)


Lawerenz, Andrea (Germany)
Patient and Health Practitioner

Free access to CBD medicine!

Ayrault, Stephane (Germany)

Free CBD!

Aubry, Moret (Netherlands)

Protect the farmers and their ridiculous income

Paulke, Linda (Deutschland/Niederlande)

Ich habe ms (multiple sklerose) und vertrage diesen pflanzlichen Wirkstoff viel besser als die harten chemischen Medikamente.  die Erholungsphase nach der Einnahme von cbd zum Beispiel ist für mich wesentlich angenehmer und kürzer.


Ich lehne so weit es geht chemische Medikamente ab! Mir geht es viel besser ohne diese.


Stoyanova, Silviya (Bulgaria)

we should wake up from blindly following laws, enforced by those who want to profit on human suffering. Propaganda is only for the naive who cannot do their research. Allow people who want to make the world a better place to heal. Heal the humans and heal the earth. 

Yildirim, Arif (New Zealand)

make it happen!

Grabbe, Sven (Netherlands)

Let’s fairly divide the market

Hoorn van der, Alex (Netherlands)

Please don’t regulate the access too CBD products!

Sikorsky, Alex (UK)

I know that CBD has helped a lot of people get well and having no side effects it should be allowed to buy/trade freely.

Richter-Schneider, Britt (Germany)

It is absolutly not necessary “to make CBD a prescription-only drug. This only serves the interest of a few companies while damaging the young CBD industry. Such legislation would also restrict the access to CBD for many citizens, who are already profiting from CBD in food and cosmetics” (!

It is not acceptable to install a new conflict with the law for people using hemp in many diffenent applications.



Lebon, Benoit (France)

CBD is safe, natural, and must be available for all.

Hutten, Marian (Netherlands)

Normalise Cannabis

Kaufmann, Volker (Germany)

There is absolutely no reason to make a prescription-only drug out of CBD by a few pharmaceutical companies.

First of all CBD is no drug!

Second, are we slaves of the pharmaceutical companies?

Third, why have poor people have to suffer, if they can’t pay the high prices of pharmaceutical companies?

And so on …

I’m against it for good reason/s!

Spindler, Manuel (Austria)

Cannabis needs to be legal, in which form whatsoever. the war has failed, and now it” on us to legalize it step by step.

Cbd has no psychodelic effect on the body, only medical benefits. it should be aaccessibe everywhere and to everyone!

Grunewald, Karin (Germany)
I would like to decide whether CBD helps me or not. I would like to support the hemp industry, not the pharmalobby. To make CDB prescription is in my opinion an intrusion into fundamental rights!
Brown, Alex (UK)
  • CBD is also not dangerous and without psychic effects!
Fleischhauer, Heidemarie (Germany)

it can help so many people, better than any chemicals as far as I know. Do not understand why it´s not allowed for healing people.

Pilon, Betty (Canada)
Montebello Packaging

I support your efforts.

Ms, Hilary (USA)

This is nothing more than a money grab by pharmaceutical companies terrified of losing their profit margins.

Bruce, Todd (Canada)

This is an outrageous and blatant attempt by big pharma to secure an effective monopoly over a natural compound that research has shown to have a remarkable safety profile. Shame on them and shame on EU regulators if you give in to them.

Troeger, Axel (Germland)

Plants and all of their content should be free.

Messer, Peter (Germany)
Dipl. Soz.- Päd., Soz.- Manager u. w.

Legalize it and help sick people against all malady!

Saglam, Musa (Germany)

I support the EIHA CBD position paper and i am for a more precise destinction between different doses.

Best regards,
Musa Saglam

Mayr, Franz (Austria)

Seit Jänner 2016 nehme ich CBD Extrakt gegen meine Magenbeschwerden und habe damit großen Erfolg. Ich muss daher keine Magenschoner ( Pantaprazol etc. ) einnehmen.

Cooper, James (UK)
Simple Truths Foundation

Cannabis is a godsend that can help humanity, animals and the entire world greatly.

Schütz, Tarek (Germany)
Free World Order

It must not be forbidden to grow any herb and use it for  helth support and/or enjoyment of life, either for yourself or another person. What these Pharmacy companies are doing is exactly the opposite of what they are supposed to do- help the people with medicine. The State itself does not fullfill it dutys against its people what makes them enemys of the public itself, while displaying the use of cannabis as a bad thing alkohol and tobacco still are legal…where is the point of this? The point is they dont care or even worse (and more likely): they dont want you to be healthy and independent. Period.

Hanke, Marc (Germany)


Manfred, Söllner (Germany)


Kupfer, Marion (Germany)
nova-Institut GmbH

I have to mention that it is a shame for this governance to give a restriction to a healthful and harmless substance, that themselves permanently refused to explore…! How many millions of people had come to death and how many are supposed… – because of this obvious prevention of healthcare? Intoxicating the population with nocuos pharmaceuticals, pesticides, flues… never caring about… – if there are any questions, follow the trail of profits…!

ritzinger, oliver (germany)


Kraft, Florian (Germany)

Patients need easier access to CBD!

Cenedellla IV, Philip J. (USA)

We totally support the efforts of EIHA to protect the rights of patients and others that benefit daily from CBD-infused products. – Phil

Lächler, Joel (Switzerland)

CBD für alle :-)

C., Fischer (Germany)



Prüfen Sie die Studien und Erfahrungen der Anwender!!!

Lassen Sie sich nicht von der Pharma beeinflussen und bestechen.

Mears, Danny (United Kingdom)
The Hemp Doctor

This needs to happen to secure the future of all CBD products, not just the UK.

Tallon Tarrio, Juan Manuel (Spain)
O´Nay Clinic, SL

I support the EIHA CBD position paper.

Holmes, Charles (Canada)
Hempco Canada Supefoods Inc.

thank you for taking a stand for what is right. You may also consider the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as International protects our rights.

Tuskevicius, Rimantas (Lithuania)

I do support.

Juozas, Siurkus (Lithuania)

I do support this initiative which aims to regulate the CBD doses. The CBD products should be assigned and differentiated into the categories of a food supplement or groups where usually primary CBD source is derived from the natural matrix of Cannabis Sativa in the form of concentrate after the safe extraction process. The maximum concentration of CBD in these category products is usually not exceeding 20 %. Such product format and concentrations itself would limit or restrict to consume the critical daily dose exceeding defined threshold which is very well described in provided papers, due to economical and/or technological and/or costumer orientated  factors.

The high dosage CBD products are usually produced by using purified and/or synthetic or/and organic solvents concentrated CBD resulting in the concentrations of >>30%. That should be attributed to the regulated group of medical products as concentrations of these products would allow consuming the dosage falling into range of regulated amounts.

akpinar, Ferhat (baden-württemberg)

Boris, Baňas (Czech Republic)
CBDepot, s.r.o.

Cannabidiol and extracts and tinctures of industrial hemp should be freely available to wellbeing of general public. It is a matter of human rights.

Arn, Ben (Switzerland) AG

Thank you very much for your work!

Best regards


Cenedella IV, Philip J. (United States)

Thank you for this report – keep up your great efforts!

  • Phil

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